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Program Information


Click HERE for the 2014-2015 Full Cadet Riding and Equine Care Program documents.

Click HERE for the 2014-2015 NCMT calendar.

Please contact us on (203) 966-0634 for further information.

Overview of NCMT's Programs: NCMT takes pride in its unique approach to teaching horsemanship through hands-on experience.  All programs are designed to encourage children’s personal growth by promoting fundamental values such as leadership, responsibility, confidence, work ethic and teamwork in a safe, fun, family atmosphere.  These are not only important around the barn but are also valuable through life: they can help each child excel in his or her future.

Horsemanship and Riding Program: Available to students between 7 and 17 years old, the program combines weekly group riding lessons and participation in the Equine Care Program.  Students are required to attend both riding lessons and a designated Equine Care “Barn Day.”  Riding groups consist of four to six riders, depending upon riding level, and each class is one hour long.  All horses and ponies are owned by NCMT, and students learn to ride a variety of horses appropriate for their level.  Full-time and part-time professional instructors teach hunt seat equitation, on the flat and over fences, from a comprehensive curriculum that ensures consistency across riding levels.  Although riders can hone their competitive skills at our on-site horse shows, our focus is not on competition, but rather on developing kids that can ride.

above 7 photographs by Jeanna Shepard Photography

Equine Care Program: This program does not include riding but consists of a weekly “Barn Day” where students acquire complete knowledge of the horse through lectures and the practice of learned skills in horse care and stable management.  The Equine Care Program is a great way to ease children into the barn environment and allow them to get acclimated to being around horses prior to committing to the full horsemanship and riding program.  It is also a chance to make friends and be part of the social component of the program, such as attending Trooper Night and the Hallowe'en Parade and Carnival.  Prizes are awarded to the best Barn Day as well as the Equine Care High Point Horsemanship winner at our semi-annual Review Ceremonies.

above 8 photographs by Jeanna Shepard Photography

Overview Of The NCMT Ranking System: NCMT is the last remaining unit of the Junior Cavalry of America.  Cadets are therefore ranked based on evidence of leadership, commitment, participation, spirit, and general horsemanship skills.  All new members are Inductees, and they are promoted through the ranks of Cadet, Corporal, Sergeant, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain.  The Cadet Major is the highest-ranking officer, elected to lead the entire Troop for the program year.  Troopers can expect to serve a minimum of one year at each ranking level before earning the right to be promoted at the Review Ceremonies held in December and June.  Cadets are honored with awards and individual achievements are recognized at each ceremony, which is followed by a horse show.  This is an important NCMT tradition that all cadets should attend.

Leadership Council: Students who achieve upper level ranks and/or are high school students are invited to join the Leadership Council.  Leadership Council participants work alongside the Cadet Major to organize regular meetings held for all cadets, host Trooper Nights, manage the Officers' Fund, help plan special events and fundraisers, and run the community service task force.  They are afforded the opportunity to volunteer with the Super Troopers therapeutic riding and equine care programs.  They may also be eligible to participate in the Show Team, Drill Team, and Assistant Teaching.

Trooper Nights are scheduled each semester and present an opportunity to get to know fellow Troopers, share their thoughts about the horses and the program, and discuss upcoming clinics and special events.  Cadets also participate in games and activities. Special guest speakers may also be invited.  Snacks and refreshments are served.

Regular events include:

The Hallowe'en Costume Parade and Carnival held in October, where all cadets are invited to dress up their favorite horse for the Parade. Prizes and refreshments are available.  It is a fun event for the entire family.

Horseless Horse Shows and Gymkhanas also take place at NCMT.

Finally, Cadets participate in the New Canaan Memorial Day Parade dressed in NCMT’s traditional Junior Cavalry of America uniforms.

SUMMER RIDING: NCMT offers two one-week and three two-week summer riding camp sessions for children ages 7 to 17 from June through August.  Through expert instruction and fun activities in a closely supervised environment, your child will learn about the equestrian world and gain a great appreciation of horses.  The camp week runs from Monday through Thursday, with special exceptions indicated in the documents.  Camp activities include group riding lessons, arts and crafts, fun activities, barn chores, and veterinary care lectures, all within a closely supervised environment.  Spaces are limited so don't wait until the last minute!

Click here for 2015 Summer Camp documents.

ADULT RIDING: Adult riding lessons for all levels are offered weekday mornings and Sunday mornings. Adult riders are not required to be members of NCMT.  Please click here or contact us on (203) 966-0634 or by e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further information.

FUNDRAISING EVENTS: NCMT holds two major fundraisers each year to fund the essential needs of our horses, youth scholarships, therapeutic programs, and ongoing capital projects.  The spring event has traditionally been a Barn Dance at NCMT with live music, barbecue and raffle.  The Holiday Party is held off-site in November with dinner and a silent auction. Great times for everyone!

HORSE SHOWS AND CLINICS: NCMT hosts a variety of schooling and USEF-rated shows throughout the year.  All Troopers are encouraged to ride and participate.  In addition, NCMT staff invites outside professional trainers, riders and clinicians to host riding and horsemanship clinics at our facility.  Priority is given to NCMT members, but outside barns and trainers are welcome to participate.

Recent guest speakers included:

Dr. Jane Safir Kennedy, Harmony Equine Veterinary Services

Dr. Geoffrey McKenzie, Bond Animal Hospital

Leslie Burr Howard, Olympic show jumping rider

Tim Kees, trainer of multiple ASPCA, USEF and Medal Finals winners

Michael Page, Olympic rider and “R” rated judge

Kim Mulligan, trainer, owner of Twin Bays Stables

Kristen Abbatiello-Neff, trainer, owner of Sea Horse Stables

Lyman T. Whitehead, trainer, owner of Eight Fences

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