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Hannah Wirfel
Head Riding Instructor

Prior to turning professional, Hannah had an illustrious junior riding career, having trained with Walter "Tim" Kees in the equitation divisions and Leslie Burr Howard in the amateur owner jumper divisions. She competed in the Maclay Finals at Madison Square Garden, and has numerous ribbons and accomplishments at Devon, WEF, Lake Placid, Southampton, and Harrisburg. Hannah has taught riders of all ages, including beginners, summer camp, adults, and junior equitation riders seeking to get qualified for the Medal and Maclay Finals. She has also served as a "walker" for the Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Program, as well as trained the Trinity College Equestrian Team for the IHSA show circuit. She was also the assistant coach and the Equestrian Director for the Miss Porter's Equestrian Team. Hannah is a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

Jessica D'Urso
Riding Instructor

In December 2009, Jessica joined the NCMT family after years of experience managing and teaching at several barns in Fairfield County. A Norwalk native, she rode as a junior with Vince Jones and as a professional at Rhiannon Farm in North Salem. In addition to teaching many of the cadet program riding lessons, Jessica works with Hannah to organize, update and implement the Equine Care and Horsemanship curriculum. She has run summer camp for NCMT, and is an integral part in the oversight of the barn days, Trooper events, and Review Ceremonies. Troop's mission statement resonates strongly with Jessica, and she is pleased and excited to be part of the staff at NCMT.


Anne Dylewski
Barn Manager

Since joining NCMT in 2005, Anne brings over twenty years of riding and equine management experience. She works to ensure that the horses and ponies of Troop are happy, healthy and ready to teach the Troopers on a daily basis. Anne takes pride in developing individualized feeding and care programs for our diverse herd of horses. In addition, she works with the cadets to teach them barn management and equine care skills, involving the cadets at all levels for an enriched experience. Anne holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut.


Fredi Martinez
Horse Care Professional

Fredi came to NCMT in 2010, bringing a wealth of experience in horse care maintenance and grooming. He has extensive experience working for some of the top competitive show barns in Fairfield and Westchester Counties, where he was in charge of the health, appearance and performance of "A" circuit horses and ponies. Fredi works with Anne, Francisco and the rest of the staff to ensure that all of the horses and ponies at NCMT are well fed and groomed, receive appropriate turnout time, and maintain a clean and orderly stable. Fredi's experience with training horses on the ground to have excellent ground manners helps ensure the safest possible environment for our Troopers. NCMT is very fortunate to have Fredi in charge of our horses and ponies, who adore him!


Francisco Tinajero
Horse Care Professional

Francisco joined NCMT in 2010 and is responsible for handling and training the horses on the ground so that they can be handled easily by the children. His gentle demeanor with our horses and ponies translates into well- behaved animals and the safest possible environment. Francisco is also in charge of NCMT's property and maintenance needs.  He also works with Freddie to manage the horses and ponies with turnout, feeding, and stable management, and the horses love him! Francisco is a jack-of-all-trades, lending his painting, carpentry and landscaping experience to ensure that our facility remains in top shape. NCMT is fortunate to have Francisco as part of our team of professionals.




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