Geoffrey McKenzie

We all have our unique stories of how New Canaan Mounted Troop has affected our lives.  For me it was truly a transformational experience.  Without my early experience at Troop I am sure I would not have gone on to become a veterinarian.  Troop was a very supportive environment and it felt like one big family.  In a short period of time I stopped doing a lot of the other after-school activities I had started and almost became obsessed with Troop and riding.  The unique system here at Troop helped teach us all great organizational skills.  There is no doubt in my mind that the education and discipline learned from my years at Troop initiated my interest in animal care and well-being, which evolved into going on to veterinary school.  I have no idea what my career path would have been had it not been for my Troop experience, but I wouldn’t change it if given the chance.