CJ – Adopt-A-Horse


Breed: Thoroughbred

Description: CJ is was born in Virginia in 1992. He is a descendant of the famous Northern Dancer race horse. He is a handsome chestnut gelding who stands over 16 hands high. His show name is “Court Jester”, and he has lived at NCMT for over 15 years. CJ is also our poster horse for the Adopt-A-Horse program.

Personality: CJ is a gentle, loving horse who excels at teaching new riders. He is very patient and forgiving, even with the most inexperienced riders. A social horse, CJ particularly enjoys the company of his best friend, Blue, with whom he shares a paddock at turn out time. CJ is well loved by everyone and eagerly participates in all aspects of NCMT’s programs.

History: CJ is a registered Thoroughbred who was originally trained as a racehorse. However, he did not enjoy that job and switched careers. He has been an outstanding lesson horse since making that transition many years ago.

Participates in: Lessons, Horse shows, Drill team, Therapeutic Riding, Summer camp.

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